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Candlelight vigil aims to unite community

Taking place at the Evergreen Centre in Sooke, the ceremony begins at 8 p.m.

It’s time to come together in peace and with love, say community groups.

In March 2020, the COVID pandemic changed the world. Division, fear and anger spread, but by listening, we can hear all sides of the story and come to a compassionate understanding of all experiences.

So, on Friday (Aug. 12), at 8 p.m., a candlelight vigil will be held at the Evergreen Centre’s tourist booth, fronting Sooke Road.

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Many of us have experienced financial insecurity, increased health problems, mental illness, addiction, depression, job loss, shunning by family and friends and sadly, some have taken their own lives.

While family and friends attempt to pick up the pieces, there is little acknowledgement or support available from the public health system. Often, no one can hear the stories or acknowledge the losses and injuries. Friday evening will be a chance to be heard.

“This will be an evening to honour those who were impacted and are suffering,” said Teya, one of the organizers. “We want to bring some light to the darkness.”

Please bring a candle or LED light and your story for those who come. There will be a place to speak that evening. People can also share their stories using the hashtag #shareyourstory.

“We’re aware our efforts can’t fully repair what has happened in the past couple of years, but we hope that by coming together with love and compassion, the healing can start and we can grow and heal as a community,” said Karine, a representative and organizer from Vax Choice Canada

Similar events have been held across Canada in collaboration with the Canada Health Alliance and Vaccine Choice Canada.

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