Boys and Girls Club has land to call home

The Brentwood Bay Boys and Girls Club finally has land on which they may build a new home

After a lengthy process searching for a location to build a new facility, the Brentwood Bay Boys and Girls Club finally has land on which they may build a new home.

In May of this year, the group made a presentation to Central Saanich council concerning the deterioration of their facility located behind the United Church in Brentwood.

The group was looking for a new location to build a modest facility, preferably somewhere in the heart of Brentwood, they said.

In a report presented in June, Central Saanich staff outlined four possibilities for relocation of the proposed 1,400 square foot facility.

All possible locations were centred around the piece of land which houses Pioneer Park, the library and cultural centre and the Centre for Active Living 55+.

A fifth option was later added to the list of options and was part of a discussion at Monday night’s council meeting.

The list had been paired down to two viable options — one backing on to Rom Knott Park and looking out over the Library and Cultural Centre parking lot (site D) and one located at the west end of the parking lot (site E).

On Monday night, Mayor Alastair Bryson moved to approve the option to locate the building on site D.

After discussion on the topic, Mayor Bryson’s motion was voted down and another motion was made to support the location on site E.

“My question is who will bear the costs of having to tear up the asphalt to put down a foundation?” asked Bryson.

“All site and construction costs will be borne by the applicants,” clarified Bruce Grieg, the director of planning.

Other concerns on the site E location centred around the loss of 11 parking stalls in the lot in order to construct the building, but the motion in support of the location passed.

“I’m pleased because now we know we’ll have a home in Brentwood for the Club,” said Councillor Carl Jensen, who echoed sentiments from Boys and Girls Club staff who had concerns about financial support for the project falling through because of the delays experienced in finding a location.

Coun. Zeb King made a motion after the site was chosen to request more public input on the location.

“My fear with more public consultation after the fact is that it might be a case of one step forward and two steps back,” said Bryson.

“The longer we delay, I have more concerns that it could cost the club the success of their project.”

King’s motion was voted down, five votes to two.