Boosting faith

Shady Creek Church in Central Saanich on firmer foundation

Shady Creek United Church is standing strong and steady, ready to celebrate 150 years next year.

In preparation for the party, the little church on East Saanich Road got a bit of a boost, and support, as Nickel Bros. replaced a rotting beam beneath the building.

“Another 150 years would be nice,” said Rev. Jonelle McLellan, who was on hand as the church got a boost. “For this church the building is very treasured.”

While Shady Creek United turns 150 next year, the building was erected in 1895. A national historic site, the little church needed some support.


As Nickel Bros. lifted the historic church, and replaced the old beam, board chair Jack Mather couldn’t help but chuckle: “(They’re) putting the church on a firmer foundation.”