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Be Your Best This Summer

Panorama and Peninsula News Review set out to change eight lives with fitness this spring
Michelle Bourgeois is ready to take eight people on a journey into health and fitness.

Under the guidance of Panorama’s Michelle Bourgeois and Adrianne Gadd eight people will embark on a three-month exploration of health and fitness.

Peninsula News Review and Panorama Recreation Centre are partnering up to help a handful of folks hit healthy goals with the Be Your Best This Summer program. The 12-week workout plan starts today, April 4.

Melanie Kerr, Shauna Johnson, Christy Day, Monique Huber, Michael Hall, Jennifer Verscheure, Colleen Baines and Debbie Taylor  were chosen in a contest that saw 55 Peninsula residents apply for the program. Applicants not chosen were given five free drop in passes to Panorama.

There were a number of criteria including availability and commitment.

“Number one is need for help and support to become healthier and fit,” Bourgeois said. “It was a tough selection.” The group age range runs from 19 to 58.

They start workouts today but endured the tough task of assessments last week where Bourgeois did measurements including weight and body fat.

“We’re really trying to expose them to all the fitness opportunities available,” she said.

Over the next 12 weeks, the group will try the Total Body Toolbox, spin, TRX, aquafit, sport step, weight training and yoga. They’ll also have a nutrition seminar with Bourgeois with a focus on better eating, breaking down the facts on carbs, sugars, and fats.


The News Review will follow the eight participants on their adventure into wellness as each works to Be Your Best This Summer.