Extreme need for a new clubhouse roof

Mould increasing yearly on leaking Central Saanich fastball clubhouse.

  • Feb. 26, 2015 12:00 p.m.

The Central Saanich Extreme Fastball League hopefully won’t have to scrub mould from their clubhouse for much longer.

David Hamer, president of the league, approached council on Feb. 16 to ask the District to fund a replacement roof.

The original building, built in the late ‘80s, is owned by the municipality and its roof has been leaking badly since 2009.

“I’ve taken 150 gallons of water out of there just this year,” said Hamer.

He and other members of the league are concerned that they won’t be able to use their concession this year, as the mould is becoming increasingly difficult to clean off.

He had been previously told by staff that replacement of the roof was the league’s responsibility, but having heard of Central Saanich Little League’s successful bid to council for replacement roofs of their own, Hamer decided to ask the District for help.

“We keep registration fees down for the families,” he said, adding that the league isn’t generally flush with cash.

“The bottom line is, we simply cannot afford to replace the roof.”

To give council an idea of a possible expected cost, Hamer supplied two possible quotes: Admirals Roofing at $7,192 and Flynn Canada Ltd. at $6,053.

The approximate cost to replace Central Saanich Little League’s clubhouse and shed roofs was $6,000.

Hamer added that if the league has any extra funds at the end of the season, they would be happy to submit it back to council to help pay for the work.

Council agreed to refer the cost of the replacement roof to the budget process as a supplemental item for 2015.

Councillor Alicia Cormier also thanked Hamer for his work in more than doubling registration in the league over the last five years since becoming president.