Be Your Best this Summer: Team finds energy loses inches

Participants in Panorama Recreation, PNR program lose inches and pounds with fitness program

The pounds are piling up for the Be Your Best this Summer crew. The eight participants amassed a group loss of 86.8 pounds in the 12-week program put on by Panorama Recreation Centre and the Peninsula News Review. The top loss is 18.4 pounds.

Debbie Taylor  completed her first 10 kilometre race in April. She’s enjoying Increased energy levels and finds her body is craving healthy foods now.

“That was extraordinary to do that [race]. I’d never done one before,” Taylor said. “The Be Your Best program is one of the best thing that’s happened to me. I was on the verge of a few health problems … I just didn’t have the energy to get active.”

Now she can’t help but want to get out doing something every day.

Taylor works out with fellow

participants Shauna Johnson Monique Huber, Melanie Kerr, Christy Day, Jennifer Verscheure, Colleen Baines and Michael Hall twice a week on top of maintaining an new healthy lifestyle.

They’ve dropped in total 43 inches when measuring arms, legs, chest, waist and hips. The top loss is a whopping 10.5 inches.

“I wasn’t expecting that I was going to do that well. I knew I was doing good and I could feel extra energy, but the pounds and the inches I was shocked … it was a bonus,” Taylor said.

The program wraps up in late June.

“We’ve already decided some of

us are going to stay in touch and

continue to go and exercise as a group,” she said. “I have learned about myself that I need motivation, so I’ve put in place that there are other people who are going to do it and we’re going to do it together.”


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