Woodwynn restores vitality to workers and land

I’d like to comment on your recent story about Woodwynn Farms (District denies application, PNR May 12).

I’ve visited the Woodwynn farm site to learn more about what is actually going on, because anything that can help to restore both lives and a farm to vitality deserves at least that much consideration.

What I found was a group of highly focused, committed people who were working hard to get crops started for the growing season, fighting the same battles against weeds and pests that farmers and gardeners everywhere do, and making great progress in spite of their old and careworn tools, machinery and buildings.

Instead of acres of just hay, there are the beginnings of a productive orchard. Near one of the buildings, a few acres of garden plot was being hand-weeded by a small number of program participants, virtually impossible to distinguish from a larger number of volunteers lending a helping hand.

I fully agree with Central Saanich council’s assessment that this is valuable farmland. In fact, they should commend the efforts of Woodwynn Farms for helping return these acres to full productivity.

As I understand Mayor Mar is himself a farmer, I’m sure he fully supports the low-carbon, organic focus that Woodwynn has adopted by replacing diesel fume belching and ever-more costly to run equipment with a more hands-on approach.

Peter Dalton,