Why make driving laws tougher, drinking easier?

Letter writer feels it's strange to toughen drinking and driving laws while allowing booze in movie theatres

MLA Rich Coleman has become a joke. I was impressed when tougher laws for drinking drivers were actually put in place by the B.C. Liberals. But very soon, the pub owners started to complain that their profits were down, that people were thinking about the stiff fines.

But in a very short period of time, the new laws were all watered down. The drinking drivers had the defence lawyers on their side. It appears to me there is no justice for victims.

My question to Mr. Coleman is how do you expect to stop drinking drivers when you change laws to suit the drinkers, not the victims? Now you are putting booze in theatres?

So in other words, a person can drink until 4 a.m., go to work, drink, take in a movie, get more booze. The odds are he will kill someone before he gets home. I thought this B.C. Liberal government was trying to stop drinking drivers. It appears there will be no justice for victims.

Eileen Nattrass