When will Sidney development stop?

Sidney resident doesn't want to see zoning bylaw increase density in town

Re: Owners dispair zoning change (News, June 1)

I believe the Town of Sidney should have been and should always be legally obligated to personally inform all affected properties of any proposed zoning changes and an explanation of what these changes mean.

I consider myself a somewhat informed resident, but was completely unaware of this. Holding public open houses is fine, but not all knew about it and I certainly would have been there had I known my property is part of the change.

Now I read that council cannot receive further feedback, but I have not been given a chance to give any feedback. I feel a change from R2 single- and two-family dwellings to a newly created RM5 which is multi-family low density decreases my property value.

Coun. Steve Price states “99.9 per cent of the town like what staff has done.” I guess I’m that 0.1 per cent, but I do not.

Not all residents of this town wish to live in a condo.

When will development stop in this beautiful little town that I have chosen to be my home for 37 years? I have very carefully used my votes in the last two municipal elections to select members whom I thought would represent my feelings. I felt I was choosing those who would slow down development, but I think I may have been wrong in my choices.

Sandra Pettinger