Views on gay marriage defy logic

Reader expresses disapproval of companies mixing religion and business


Every now and then, a subject comes along which defies logic. In my view such is the case with some of the views held on gay marriage.

Long before the organized business of religion reared its head, people got together for comfort, protection and the raising of children.

If men were killed in wars or by woolly mammoths and there were no spare men, women helped each other to raise the kids. There was no outcry, its just had to be done and it was. I, personally, was raised by two women after the Second World War and have no complaints.

Then religions started to appear and so-called holy men started to dictate how people would live and subscribe to their views and demands. To those who chose to belong, that was a choice they made, but a choice that only applied to that particular business of religion.

Now we have the peoples’ government saying it’s OK for gays to marry, but those same businesses and their followers are saying no, that should not be.

When businesses start to dictate the laws outside their own jurisdiction, we are in even greater trouble than we are when a government, such as ours today, makes regulations to laws that benefit certain corporate interests instead of those of the people.

If religious businesses do not wish to perform marriages, that is their prerogative, just as it is the prerogative of any restaurant owner not to serve anyone they so choose.

The law of the land acknowledges marriages performed by licensed civil people, and after six months of two people cohabiting, they are considered to be common law husband and wife anyway.

If that should be two men or two women, it is immaterial. It’s none of the concern of the religious businesses any more than it is mine.

So let me say I have absolutely no problem with anyone belonging to and believing in any religion, but I do have a problem with some largely tax exempt businesses trying to dictate the law to suit their various books of reference.

Jeremy Arney

Central Saanich


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