Three road jobs aren’t better than one

Frost Avenue has been the site of three big road projects in recent years

I would like to put some perspective on the latest Frost Avenue road work.

As a resident of Frost Avenue, I certainly am not ungrateful for the new sidewalk, nor am I necessarily against the improvements to the curbs and repaving of this street. Rather, I am frustrated to be in the midst of a third road work project since 2009. As a taxpayer I am angry that we all will be paying triple for projects or portions thereof that could have and should have been rolled into one.

I appreciate that the first job was unplanned and became necessary after it was discovered the storm drains were failing. Fair enough. Surely that was the time to look into the upcoming project books and take note that sewer line replacement, new curbs, a sidewalk and the repaving of Frost were planned for 2010 and 2012. Wasn’t that the time for planners to find a way to finance the entire project into one job?

For the third spring season the north side of the street is dug up, three times it is filled, driveways, landscaping patched and roadway patched. Somehow this just seems to be a blatant waste of money.

Apparently there isn’t enough money to repair or replace the winter storm damaged seawall, though. Different budgets, I guess.

Barbara Fallot