Tell your mayor your thoughts on marijuana campaign

Reader encourages residents to talk to mayor about pot legalization

In February, four former attorneys general for B.C. formed the group Stop the Violence B.C. Since then, eight B.C. mayors have indicated their municipalities support the campaign.

This is an excerpt from a recent letter written by these mayors to the leaders of political parties in B.C.

“It is time to tax and strictly regulate marijuana under a public health framework; regulating marijuana would allow the government to rationally address the health concerns of marijuana, raise government tax revenue and eliminate the huge profits from the marijuana industry that flow directly to organized crime.”

I recently contacted Sidney Mayor Larry Cross for his stand on the issue. He stated that he was definitely in opposition to the campaign. If you feel as I do as a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, with concerns for the health and safety of my family and fellow citizens, I urge you to contact your municipal hall with your opinions on this issue.

Louise Worrall