Teen’s helping hand meant a lot to Brentwood Bay senior

Teenage boy helped woman walk through Brentwood on a snowy, slippery day

On Thursday, Jan. 19, I walked (slipped) to the library through the snow and by the time I got there to pick up a book I had reserved, I found they were closed on account of weather. I had trouble walking home – it was so slippery – but a young boy about 13 or 14 who was walking with a shovel took my hand. He ended up meeting me at the other side of the street and shovelling the path in front of me as he walked me home. He told me his name was Gabe, like Gabriel, and he lives across from my house. Now there was a wonderful young man.

There are lots of really nice young people around everywhere. Sometimes we just hear bad things, but they are few, I hope.

Rene Evans

Brentwood Bay