Taking food from salmon

Sometime in the next few weeks the annual slaughter of our precious herring will take place. The handful of multi-millionaires who own the fish will decide by self-regulation how many fish they will take for themselves and how many they will leave for the creatures whose very existence depends upon them.

Meanwhile the spin doctors will bombard us with horror stories about other types of fishing enterprises to cover up the devastation of the herring fishery. The roe fishery is over in such short time that most people don’t even know about it.

The wild salmon are in worse shape than ever and yet the total catch of roe herring will be increased this year. This makes no sense and it’s high time the roe fishery is stopped completely. All sea creatures need to eat and herring is what most of them feed on. We can’t expect the wild fish to survive on the left-overs from the roe fishery.

Mike Morry,

Central Saanich