Sidney needs a draw to entice tourists to stay

Reader says landmark fountain would keep tourists in Sidney

I am a business person in Sidney, being the owner of Bistro Suisse.

In my frequent drives along Lochside Drive and Fifth Avenue, I so often see traffic disembark from the Anacortes ferry. I am always dismayed that all the traffic turns left for Victoria, but then I thought: ‘what is there to attract visitors to visit Sidney?’

Yes it is a nice little town with lovely shops and so on, but what I find is lacking is a very visible landmark. A real tourist draw.

The idea popped into my head, that since this is a town on the water’s edge (hence Sidney by the Sea) I thought that we should have a great water fountain at the bottom of Beacon Avenue, big enough so it becomes a landmark. So it is visible from the ferry and it induces people to go and see it.

A perfect example would be the fountain in Geneva.

Right now it’s just a thought. Maybe Mayor Larry Cross and fellow councillors could look into it and create something the town could be proud of.

Lucien Frauenfelder