Sidney market has lost its touch

Past organizer speaks out on SBA's involvement in market

As someone who has lived in Sidney for 44 years and has put together three years of the Sidney Business Association market, I am thoroughly disgusted that the people who are now at the helm of the Sidney summer market are taking the credit for markets past. It takes a lot of dedication and a love for what you do for it to become one of the best outdoor markets.

I have been to this year’s market and I can tell you that they are doing nothing to promote Sidney and they have made a mockery of the market – it is nothing like it was for the past 11 years.

The SBA says that in order for them to survive they need the income from the Sidney summer market,  but if they tried promoting Sidney year round they wouldn’t be in such a mess. The bottom line is they need to sit back and rethink their whole mandate and what the purpose of the organization is: to promote Sidney in every way possible, and this to date has not been done.

T. Fournier