Sidney marina unspoiled as is

Seawalk should remain unspoiled and as is says Sidney reader

Eight years ago, Sidney council with wisdom and foresight, ordered a local contractor to build a seawalk at his own expense before starting construction of a townhouse complex.

The contractor complied by building an attractive, sturdy boardwalk fringing a tidal flat. It hooked in with the existing seawalk, allowing visitors and Sidney residents to enjoy the entire promenade.

Walkers often stop and lean against the wooden railing to view ducks, geese, herons, seagulls, crows, seals and inukshuks. At the same time, they look directly at the marina and admire boats.

For the sake of the many people who use the seawalk, it is hoped that Sidney council, with their usual wisdom and foresight, will find an alternative to the marina’s proposed view-blocking white wall.

Benni Chisholm


(Editor’s note: Council rejected the marina’s proposal at this week’s meeting; see the story here.)