Sacrificing the land for so-called progress

We forget that growth on this planet has its limits.

When in 1972 the Club of Rome published their study The Limits of Growth, it was discussed all over the world and people became concerned — however, they continued what they always did: exploiting the land.

Then 40 years later this group published another prognosis called: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years with the motto “Say goodbye to the notion that all growth is good” and they strongly advised to take “drastic measures for environmental protection.” They showed that the attitude is always the same, the majority has to suffer so some could get rich.

Those who would benefit find various reasons to justify their cause — but when will we learn the lesson that so-called “progress” is misleading? For a short-term profit we sacrifice land that is needed for future food production.

According to the Club of Rome “we are facing an imminent catastrophic ecological collapse.”

This is valid for North Saanich as well. Higher density does not solve a problem, it creates new ones. Crime rate rises, neighbours become strangers, newcomers are potential enemies — soon there won’t be enough land to feed all the people. In addition, what consequences does higher density have for our hospital, emergency services, parking issues, schools, traffic congestion on roads and highway and the long term infrastructure costs? The Peninsula soon could become a continuation from Surrey and Richmond.

The whole housing boom is close to imploding. The offer is higher than the demand. Home owners, who want to sell, can hardly find a buyer for their house — still the majority of North Saanich council turns a blind eye to all warning signs and continues to promote higher density, ignoring the Official Community Plan, a well thought-through document that regulates growth. We forget that growth on this planet has its limits.

Hildegard Horie

North Saanich