Rumour mill is working overtime

Are locals more interested in lingerie or linguistics? Books or bras?

Are locals more interested in lingerie or linguistics? Books or bras?

The Sidney rumour mill must have employed a double shift last week as town gossip had every book store from Beacon Books to the iconic Tanner’s closing its doors due to an unscrupulous landlord.

It turns out that two books stores — Paperback Writer and Time Enough for Books — will close their doors to enable Sweet Talk and Lace to grow its business.

Sweet Talk and Lace owner, Marie Rosko, also owns the building the three shops have shared for years and made a business decision to increase the square footage of her lingerie store, leaving Clive Tanner, the owner of the two book stores to look for new space.

It’s not unusual for a landlord to end the lease or agreement of a tenant. In Sidney though, the loss of one book store — let alone two — is cause for alarm. Sidney has become known as a booktown, generally supporting from nine to a dozen different book shops at a time within a small geographic area.

Tanner said that he cannot find a suitable space for his two stores, and it is up to him to decide just what constitutes suitable in this situation. While many will take the time to wander down side streets to find a favourite shop, booktown stores need the extra visibility that being on Beacon Avenue can provide.

While we mourn the loss of two book stores, we can also applaud Sweet Talk and Lace, a local business that is apparently enjoying enough success that it can expand its inventory and improve its customer service. Let’s hope that success is shared by one of Sidney’s newest businesses, Period Fine Bindings, which is helping keep the book, in Sidney’s booktown.