Roundabout roulette

I use the existing airport roundabout daily to get to and from Sidney and have witnessed countless errors, blind carelessness and several near accidents.

Clearly too many drivers approach a roundabout with no idea who has the right of way, who yields, or who signals.

I worry that the three, addtional, new roundabouts will lead to serious injury unless we all better educate ourselves on their proper use. Be safe and smart and take the time to browse an informative roundabout website, such as Click on Learn To Drive Smart. Or visit your local library or local ICBC Driver’s Licensing Office and pick up a free copy of Learn To Drive Smart. Chapter 4 is the “Rules of the Road” with a section on “Understanding Intersections”, and covers traffic circles and roundabouts.

Even drivers outside of the Saanich Peninsula will inevitably visit the airport at some point. For everyone’s sake, before you drive north, consider your route through three consecutive roundabouts. Get off your phone, slow down, pay attention to others, use your signals, yield appropriately, don’t stop in a roundabout, and learn more.

Susan Adam,

North Saanich