Roundabout poor argument to support Lunn

Gary Lunn nostalgia pulls Elizabeth May feedback from readers

re: Gary Lunn nostalgia strikes PNR reader (Letters March 30)

You’ve got to be kidding. You may want to put in a good word for Gary Lunn and criticize Elizabeth May, but to use the McTavish Road overpass as an example of Gary’s good work borders on the ridiculous.

I live a few doors up from the fiasco and, of course, you might say I am biased. However, if my anecdotal evidence is worth anything there is less traffic up my street now than before. I am finding out why.

Locals in large numbers avoid the craziness. I am keeping track of the traffic on the road, at the bus stop and on the walking overpass. So far I have only seen one other person besides myself on the walking overpass, but that’s not surprising – it doesn’t really go anywhere, at least it doesn’t go anywhere anyone is going. And the bus stop – it has room to seat 60 to 70 passengers yet there are never any more than six or eight people there at a time. The round and round and round about is somewhat busy, often with frustrated drivers slowing down, trying to read the signs and attempting to figure out where they are going.

The best use for the amazingly confusing debacle takes place late at night when would-be go-karters peel around the curves remembering the past when there were tracks with tire bumpers and driving challenges for young boys dreaming of the Indy 500.

Sylvia Olsen


North Saanich