Respect the democratic process

Re: Daly questions mayor’s report, Friday, Nov. 23.

Re: Daly questions mayor’s report, Friday, Nov. 23.

I was a resident of North Saanich for 30 years, now live in Sidney and have been following events on North Saanich council. To recap: Ted Daly is a past mayor of North Saanich but the last time he ran for the position, in 2008, he was defeated by the present incumbent, Alice Finall. Mr. Daly chose not to run for mayor in the last election and Ms. Finall was elected for a second term by acclamation.

Upon his election, Mr. Daly, supported by a group of three councillors who had run as a team, was appointed as North Saanich’s representative on the CRD. This position is traditionally filled by the mayor.

Now Mr. Daly wants to censor the mayor’s report to North Saanich residents in the newsletter and require her to report only the council’s direction, not her own views. In effect, there would be no mayor’s report. In fact, he questions the need for a newsletter at all, citing the cost.

It would seem that Daly is intent on continuing to emasculate the position of mayor, taking away its traditional duties and responsibilities.

Is this what North Saanich residents want? It seems hardly democratic to be effecting this change to the role in mid-term when Finall clearly was elected to the leadership position of mayor as it has been traditionally understood.

If Mr. Daly wants the leadership of council he has a chance to stand for mayor in two years’ time. I would urge him to respect the democratic process. I’m sure the voters will remember favourably anyone whose respectfulness, integrity and honesty they have witnessed.

Maggie Wood