Quantum leap in rationality

Re: GM Foods not a big concern, PNR, Feb. 1, 2013.

Re: GM Foods not a big concern, PNR, Feb. 1, 2013.

Mr. Hepworth, president of Croplife Canada, obviously believes in the adage that if you repeat a story often enough, it will become true, or at least more convincing.

His remarks that we have always been genetically modifying plants is true but to imply there is little difference between a farmer grafting apple trees and what labs are doing  to create new herbicide-and-pesticide-resistant plants is a quantum leap in rationality.

With respect to GM food safety records, there is growing evidence the increase in irritable bowel syndrome is the result of our consumption of wheat that was genetically modified in the early 1970s. Mr. Hepworth’s faith in Canada’s “strict regulations” by CFIA and Health Canada is most likely due to the intense lobbying effort of his industry to model any regulations to fit their needs.

There is more to motivate corporations than helping our drought-stricken third weld countries and to offer our farmers new choices. It is the monopoly of the food supply. Why else would Monsanto practise its policy of litigative terrorism against small farmers that stand inter way or refuse to comply with their wishes?

If Mr. Hepworth and his ilk truly have conviction of their words, then have them quit fighting the labelling of all GM food products and let the public make their own choices.

S. James

Pender Island, B.C.