PST/GST versus HST

I have been taught to think it out and do it right the first time.

I have been taught to think it out and do it right the first time.

Let me say first that I am glad that the HST was proposed as a ‘combined’ tax.  It simplifies accounting procedures, reduces administrative burden and greatly trims price distortions in the marketplace. It makes sense.

What upsets me immensely is the way the provincial government introduced this taxation and what assessed components of consumerism were  included in the HST tax.

In fact I would not be surprised if the people of B.C. Vote down the HST based solely on the representational process of this tax.

I do stand corrected that the HST does not apply to basic food items such as bread and milk, or to prescription drugs.  However the fact remains that it has become a major contentious issue in competitive small business practises because of what this tax does include.

Another serious problem lies in the fact that this government thought it could appease the public by lowering the overall tax — possibly within three years, and not really face the real-world problems people are discovering today in accumulative daily net income loss.

The pity is that if the HST referendum is turned down, the government in its mistaken approach again, will apparently be changing back to the PST and GST taxation system instead of making the necessary changes to the HST to allow it work work properly for the all citizens of this province.

If I had one wish to be granted it would be that this government not play politics with our tax system and make the real and essential changes to enhance our economy over the long haul.

Len Fallon,

Central Saanich