Port Sidney Marina’s proposal impacts entire town

Letter to the editor on the believed negative impacts a new marina would have on the Town of Sidney

Information was provided to residents of Second and Third street twice in July by the Port Sidney Marina Group in regards to them changing the configuration of one of their floats and adding a permanent structure.

The information included two proposals and a town requirement that the marina undertake a public consultation with residents located on Second and Third Streets who may be affected.

It is important to point out that the residents on these streets will not be the only ones impacted by the marina’s requested changes. The entire community and visitors to our beautiful seaside town will be affected by the location of the proposed structure.

The waterfront is a community jewel. The town of Sidney developed a walkway with flower beds, benches and sculptures. The result is more visitors who can appreciate the many aspects of Sidney including the seaside walkway.

It is bad enough we currently have garbage vessels in full view, now Port Sidney is asking to erect another full-view structure that impacts the seaside walkway and resident views.

This is not an example of a business that exemplifies community thoughtfulness or appreciation of esthetic value.

There are plenty of choices for storage facilities in the industrial parts of Sidney that would not negatively impact the sea views people enjoy.

Robert and Patricia Sollars