Police handled it well

Reader says BB gun incident was handled as it should have been

Recently the News Review published a story about the police seizing a BB gun from several teenage boys after receiving a 911 call concerning someone waving a weapon around on Cultra Avenue.

That story drew criticism about the way police handled the incident, about the choice of words used by the journalist and even about the place in the News Review where the news story was printed.  I am dismayed by that negative feedback and would like to express my support for the police services involved in that incident. I am quite happy with the way they handled the situation and with the explanation they provided for their actions. If a similar weapon-related incident happens in the future, I will be quite satisfied if the police handle it in the same manner.

I also have no complaints about the way the incident was reported and am glad the paper keeps our community informed by publishing these stories.

Steve Ward

Brentwood Bay