PM dismantling Canadian institutions

Stephen Harper is hurting Canadian democracy, the CBC and our health care system

Re: Harper’s leadership helped us through economic crisis (Letters, July 6)

I must agree with Eileen Nattrass that Canada is No. 1. Canada has the best public broadcaster in the world in the CBC and Prime Minister Stephen Harper is busy dismantling it. Canada has a health care system that is held up as a model by many. It was a hard won victory of the common good over the selfish profiteering of conservatism.

Canada had a framework of checks and balances that protected our environment, economy and social framework, which MP Elizabeth May boldly tried to defend in the House. Now the Harper government, with the passage of Bill C-38, has taken a giant step to dismantle the Canada we love.

Canada has managed to maintain its sovereignty in the shadow of the biggest economic and military machine in the world. Harper is now selling that sovereignty to the highest bidder.

And finally, Ms. Nattrass, the reason we were able to weather the Paulson-Bush induced global economic collapse is that Paul Martin, in a Liberal government, balanced our budget.

It is the strong regulatory framework that was put in place by what you refer to as “buffoons,” that limited the speculative excesses of greed in our banking system.

But please, Ms. Nattrass, don’t let the facts get in the way of your talking points.

Thomas Teuwen