People should join in with the ‘Feasties’

Reader encourages people to take part in, appreciate local feast

I attended the annual Harvest Feast this past weekend at the Fairgrounds for the first time and thought it important to send a message to local residents after talking to the organizers shortly after.

The Feast has become a little bit of a ‘Beast’ because of its popularity. We have always answered the call when asked to donate the coffee, similar to many other contributors of the great food and desserts that are served.

Knowing a lot about community work myself, it was a real eye-opener to see how much effort goes into putting this event on and it always seems to land in the laps of the same few people who give back to the community. Bob  and Heather Thompson and Rita and Dale of Breadstuffs Bakery, the 4H and the host of other volunteers can always use more helping hands.

This year’s dinner was great and has become a tradition and while not perfect, it is a wonderful community event. I hope the ‘Feasties’ will continue and I hope that others will join in helping as this is an important event to preserve for the future.

Jim Townley

Central Saanich