OUR VIEW: Go beyond the season

For many people, the must-haves are the things many of us take for granted.

Donations made by residents of the Saanich Peninsula do make a difference in the lives of our neighbours.

That’s the main point we hope that readers pick up on in two stories in today’s edition of the News Review.

There are two sobering accounts of how a pair of single moms went from donating to the local food bank themselves, to having to use their services and struggling to make ends meet.

In probably the moist poignant of comments, we learn that there are many people living paycheque to paycheque — and some who are one paycheque away from poverty and desperation.

It’s something to keep in mind as we start seeking out those must-have holiday gift ideas this month.

For many people, the must-haves are the things many of us take for granted — shelter, clothing and food. Even a running vehicle becomes an essential item if you’re living on the Peninsula and can only find work in another community — or simply need a car to get to and from work on time. Without it, that job could be taken away and the threat of poverty looms once again.

There have been arguments made that food banks were only supposed to be temporary measures in and of themselves — not meant to last as economic conditions got better. It seems, however, that no matter how the economy is doing, there are always people living, for whatever reason, close to the margins.

It is for that reason that organizations like the Sidney Lions Food Bank and others in the region continue to serve our communities. And it’s for this reason that residents and businesses step up to lend a hand.

The holiday season always seems to be the focal point for these stories, but those who work closely with families and individuals in need know that help is required almost every day.

If these stories have your attention today, please go a step further and try to remember the year-long battle many people have and how you might be able to help.