OUR VIEW: Family’s heart is comforting

Family of Ramesh Sharma inspires others with their desire to move on from fatal crash

When a family loses the person who holds everyone together, who works tirelessly to ensure his children will see a post-secondary education, the effects can be devastating.

But Sanjeev Sharma’s reaction to non-criminal charges being pursued against the elderly woman accused of driving the car that killed his father were nothing less than heartwarming.

The young Sharma was clear his family is still in shock from the July 2011 death of his father, Ramesh (see pages A1 and A15). Yet, he also showed forgiveness and an unmistakable desire for all parties to move on from the tragic crash at the Victoria International Airport.

While Ramesh is gone, the memories of a father and husband who provided diligently for his family remain. And stories of a man who loved to talk about his children and who didn’t have an enemy still live for his co-workers who lost a dear friend.

The kindheartedness of the people who were close to Ramesh Sharma are a testament to his own good nature. It’s reassuring to know such positive and clearsighted people exist among us.