OUR VIEW: Bank on a new habit

Consider making a donation or two to your local food bank — try doing it once or twice a month

It never hurts to be reminded about the need of our neighbours and in recent days, various organizations have ramped up their efforts to collect food and money for the Sidney Lions Food Bank.

An early Thanksgiving food drive was held on the weekend, with the goal of collecting up to 22,000 pounds of food — a great start. That was preceded by a donation of fresh veggies from the District of North Saanich, which has its own garden and the goal of growing fresh food for the local food bank.

Each in their way are reminders that there are people in need on the Saanich Peninsula.

This need is happening throughout the year — not just during the busy winter months. It’s over the December holiday season (there’s more than just Christmas, after all) that food banks across Canada see the rapid filling of their shelves.

For many of these organizations, it’s that time of year — and people’s generosity — that tides them over for a while.

While it would be very difficult to wish that sort of giving was more spread out over an entire year, that’s essentially what food banks need — especially if the volume of food on their shelves increases as a result.

The Sidney Lions Food Bank fills a need on the Saanich Peninsula as families and individuals look for ways to help make ends meet each month.

It’s through the generosity of their community that they are able to provide what their family needs and get that leg up when they need it most.

Consider making a donation or two to your local food bank — try doing it once or twice a month. If more people make it a habit, think of the full shelves better able to ensure neighbours get a good meal when otherwise they might have to do without.