Only takes a few careless rabbit owners to spawn infestation

A rabbit overpopulation problem only takes one negligent owner

Re: UVic’s rabbit problem won’t happen here (Letters, July 11)

As anyone in the Quadra-McKenzie area can attest, it only takes one careless person who houses a couple of these rodents in their backyard to create a nightmare. Once the kids tired of them, they were let loose to roam the neighbourhood. For those of us who spent thousands of dollars landscaping our homes, it was heartbreaking to see just how much damage rabbits can do. What started off as just a few rabbits grew to hundreds in only five years.

CRD animal control had no authority in this issue, so enforcement is non existent. Neutering requirements make sense, but when dealing with people who don’t have any, it just doesn’t happen.

If Sidney council were really interested in what its citizens have to say in this matter, they should ask the homeowners in West Sidney how they are coping with their infestation.

Chris Brown