No need to thank teachers for cancelling programs

In teacher job action, it seems strange to appreciate them for cancelling extracurricular activities

Re: Teacher appreciation needs a re-think (Letters, April 18)

Kudos for Mike Barwick for voicing his opinion on our Teacher Appreciation Day this year.  This is an opinion which I believe is shared by “the silent majority” once again.  After having all extracurricular activities cancelled in our school, after walking off the job for 2 days last month, after carrying placards around in our neighbourhood outside our school in February…why should our kids then turn around and write a poem about how thankful they are for their teachers?  I think all fair minded staff at our school would feel a little uncomfortable accepting these gifts from the same children who have been largely overlooked and have had school activities cancelled on them, through no fault of their own.

As a PAC supported event, it troubles me that parents weren’t consulted before this occurred.  Celebrate if you must, but after such a year that we have had, please don’t ask the parents for your help.  We’re already dealing with disappointed kids who can’t run Cross Country or attend their Dance Club anymore.

Furthermore, I fully agree with the writer that we should re-evaluate why it’s only teachers who get an appreciation day for doing their job.  We expect our bus drivers, doctors and electrician to do theirs, or we get upset when they don’t.  Why is it only that we continue to celebrate our teachers when they’re not doing theirs?

Tara Houle

North Saanich