More wild assertions about environment follow previous claims

Letter writer carries on outlandish climate claims

Re: From CO2 to melting ice caps – it’s all good (Letters, June 13)

Mentioning that CO2 emissions today will help crops and ocean beauty tomorrow is absurd. What about:

Once the earth heats, we see increased volcanic activity, lack of fresh water, earthquakes during the glacial unloading, changes in ocean circulations, ocean acidification, global deoxygenation of the oceans, sea level rise (0.5 to two metres), fire, drought, pest infestation, invasion of species, storms, coral bleaching, disruptions in the biogeochemical cycles, and last but not least, the loss of unique cultures like those on Atolls in the South Pacific … Should we champion climate change as a hero, or protect ourselves from its maleficence?

Noel Gagnon