McMurphy showed little crowd control at rowdy meeting

Coun. Elsie McMurphy didn't control the crowd at North Saanich committee meeting in December

The lack of decorum and control by the chair of the North Saanich committee of the whole meeting Monday, Dec. 12 was deplorable.

The way Coun. Elsie McMurphy accepted unrestrained applause, cheering, jeering, bullying and heckling during the meeting allowed an air of disrespect and intimidation in council chambers.

McMurphy barely made an attempt to control the chamber and, in fact, seemed to revel in the applause she herself received allowing it to go on ad nauseam. I have never witnessed such a gross ego trip in a public forum.

When he was mayor, Coun. Ted Daly prevented this kind of behaviour in North Saanich meetings and Mayor Alice Finall has followed suit, maintaining an atmosphere of acceptance of all opinions without fear of reprisals or intimidation by a mob of unruly citizens.

I urge Finall to teach McMurphy some manners before allowing her to chair a meeting in the future. There were a number of people in attendance who wanted to speak but declined because of the atmosphere in the chamber.

North Saanich needs to be led in a positive constructive way, not by fear and intimidation.

Sheilah Fea

North Saanich