Mayor’s comment applied to OCP timeline, not to review process

North Saanich Mayor Alice Finall responds to Peninsula News Review editorial on workforce housing

Re: Housing on the breakfast table (Our View, Feb. 22)

This letter is in response to the following comment in your editorial: “Mayor Alice Finall recently told the Peninsula News Review an OCP review would be ‘ridiculous’ and ‘unnecessary,’ not to mention expensive.”

The comment came from an earlier conversation I had with the editor several weeks prior to the Chamber breakfast that my comment “ridiculous” related to the initial timeline of April 30 being proposed by North Saanich council to complete a review process. Without that context, readers are left with the impression that I think the OCP process itself is ridiculous, which is not correct, and therefore concerns me.

Further, you are aware from my recent speech to the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce that I support in principle their Workforce Affordable Housing initiative.

Experience has shown that to be successful these developments require the co-operative effort of a number of players of which the municipality is only one, as I stated in my speech.

Contrary to the impression in your editorial I believe North Saanich (as well as Sidney and Central Saanich) would give serious consideration to any proposal for a feasible affordable housing project.

To date, we have not received any proposal of that nature.

Alice Finall

mayor, North Saanich