Marina proposal affects esthetics for all walkway users

Strata members say marina's plans to move float affect more than just waterfront residents

Re: Port of contention (News, Aug. 3)

We are the owners of Blue Heron Strata, located at 9939 Third St. overlooking the Port Sidney Marina. We are in receipt of a letter from Port Sidney dated July 18 concerning its request for approval to move a float and locate thereon three large fabricated steel structures.

The new location is described as being on the shore side of the marina, but there is no site plan or specific descriptions as to size distance from other structure or specific dimensions other than stating that the structures are to be a maximum of nine feet in height.

Although the materials provided in our mailbox lack detail, there is more than enough to cause us concern as residents of Sidney. The concerns are not limited to those living near the marina; the proposal will affect all residents as it impacts all who enjoy the walkway along the water and the views.

The Town of Sidney has done a marvellous job of developing the walkway and otherwise beautifying the areas along the walkway throughout town. They should not squander that very successful effort by allowing the relocation of a float with what looks like three shipping containers on it.

There is a delicate balance required to maintain the original esthetics of the marina which requires a balance of use. This proposal is not in keeping with the far- sighted vision of the town to create and maintain a scenic seaside community, nor is there any compelling case made for the move by Port Sidney Marina. We trust that these concerns will be carefully considered and that the proposal will be rejected.

Owners of the Blue Heron Strata