Manure talk prompts joke from News Review reader

Poop-scooping joke follows discussion about dog, horse droppings in Peninsula parks

Re: Courtesy, common sense can remedy manure frustration (Letters, Feb. 22)

With reference to the recent correspondence about horse droppings, I am reminded of a story that I heard a while ago:

Apparently, a retiree was enjoying the late evening sunshine on his small deck in an assisted-living complex, when he noticed another old-timer shovelling horse manure into a bucket from the adjacent trail.

“Hey buddy.” he called, “what are you going to do with that stuff?”

“Well,” said the shoveller, “I’m going to take it home and put it on my rhubarb.”

“Geez,” said the guy from the balcony. “You should move in here with us. They put custard on ours.”

Bryan Holmes

North Saanich