LETTERS: Try being fair to Sidney residents and builders alike

An OCP and zoning amendment application ... is strongly opposed by neighbours.

The letter “A development dream versus residents’ nightmare,” Jan. 13, eloquently expresses the concerns of many Sidney residents citing the example of the proposed development at 9700-9708 Fourth St.

An OCP and zoning amendment application for 2248 Ardwell Ave. and 10364 Resthaven Dr. currently before council,  is strongly opposed by neighbours. It has nothing to do with attracting young families or providing workforce housing.

It involves clear cutting all of the many mature trees including Douglas fir and Garry oak trees on the last green space near the west side of the Roberts Bay bird sanctuary. The wildlife, especially birds, attract local residents and tourists alike.

The problems extend to traffic safety for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles on Ardwell and Resthaven, especially considering the increased traffic on Resthaven from new residences near the middle school. Residents are pleading with the Town to keep the current zoning.

Accepting that we probably cannot save all of this green space, limiting subdivision to the current R2 zoning will mean up to 10 lots but at least their size and setbacks would be consistent with the rest of the neighbourhood. Surely this is fair to the owner and gives the Town an opportunity to save more of the trees near the west side of Roberts Bay. Even 10 new houses will be a real loss to neighbours and wildlife in the area.

The previous letter asks, “Isn’t it time residents stand up for the Sidney they want to live in?” Definitely! Please write to Sidney council, watch for the timing of upcoming public hearings on these issues and voice your concerns.

Bill Foster and Jocelyn Gifford, Sidney