LETTERS: Send a strong messsage in the next election

Some thoughts prior to the May provincial election.

Some thoughts prior to the May provincial election.

A year ago my doctor ordered an ultrasound for my foot. I got a call the other day telling me that the test would be done the next night at Saanich Penninsula Hospital at 8 p.m. So I went.

I asked if the Imaging Dept. was now open at night. The person told me that they were simply trying to catch up with the volume. I asked why was there such a volume and was told that there were not enough techs to do the test because our B.C. government pays $10 less an hour than other jurisdictions. I wasn’t surprised.

But really folks, is this the kind of policy we want to support with this government? I think it may be well past time to send a strong message that, no, we expect much, much, much better medical policies for the people of British Columbia.

Sandra Mills, Sidney