LETTERS: Let’s get Gateway started

I live in West Sidney and eagerly await the approval and the ground breaking of this project.

I keep reading in the PNR that no one in Sidney wants the Gateway Shopping Centre. Well, speak for yourself because I do not share that opinion.

I live in West Sidney and eagerly await  the approval and the ground breaking of this project.

I  lived here when this was a small town over 40 years ago, during which time many people moved to town. There have been an incredible number of changes that have gone unnoticed by many and this town is certainly not what it used to be. Progress cannot be stopped. It is inevitable.

West Sidney Industrial area is the last thing we ever wanted at the top of our road but we are stuck with it. We have an option, we can stay and put up with it or move.

If people don’t like this shopping centre going in, then don’t ever come and shop in it. No one is asking people to support it.

I agree there are many shops empty in Sidney owing to the high rents. Also they are very small shops, certainly none of them will fulfill the needs of those planning to go into Gateway.

At least with this centre, I may not have to go to Victoria every week for my shopping, thus saving money, time and gas emissions from driving. I can actually walk and not have to cross the highway that so many of you fear.

Let’s get this project started as soon as possible.

Janet Smith, Sidney