LETTERS: Leave the dogs alone at Cy Hampson

This is a view of Cy Hampson Park from the dogs’ and their owners’ perspective.

This is a view of Cy Hampson Park from the dogs’ and their owners’ perspective.

We have been taking our two small dogs to Cy Hampson Park for years now and we live in the area. We wanted to socialize our dogs and believed that the environment at Hampson Park was the best place to accomplish this.

One or both of us usually are at the park at least once a day and yes, a small community of regulars with much the same goals and a love for dogs has evolved. The people with large dogs and those with small dogs co-exist at the big dog park on the highway side of Lochside Drive and at the small dog park is on the water side. Both parks are fenced and as such provides a safe place for dogs to run and play.  A match made in heaven.

People without dogs use the park to jog, exercise, or just go for a walk; they use the picnic tables and sit on the benches.

In all this time I haven’t witnessed any trouble between the dogs/no dogs people.

The dog people are at the park to exercise and socialize their dogs and so far, so good.

Cy Hampson is a dog friendly, off leash park and the issues some people have with that come up from time to time. These issues get recycled and it becomes a tempest in the proverbial teapot again.

Cy Hampson is a relatively peaceful and safe place for people to bring their dogs and my wish is it stays that way.

I would ask why someone who has a problem with dogs would go to Cy Hampson park when there are other parks in the area.

Sherry Lynne Easthom, Sidney