LETTERS: Just what’s unfair?

There is a lot about Hovey Road traffic that is really unfair.

Re: Road use debate unfair.

There is a lot about Hovey Road traffic that is really unfair.

Hovey road was signed as a no through road for decades until some unknown person for an unknown reason removed that sign. A no comment from the municipal hall makes that unfair.

Hovey road past the last farm was an undeveloped right of way owned by the municipality that one day was illegally developed by persons unknown and never prosecuted.

That seems unfair.

Hovey road suddenly acquiring regular commercial use  over five months ago, that the municipal council is reluctant to deal with for reasons they refuse to share with the residents, seems unfair.

Hovey road even being characterized by our mayor as being an unsafe situation yet being allowed to continue to be such also seems unfair.

Commercial truck traffic that runs a dozen or more times per day is much different from farm traffic that happens a few times per season. Residents here have no concerns with farm vehicles as most of us have farm backgrounds. We knowingly purchased and live on agriculturally zoned land not commercially zoned land.

If you, the editor, had moved into the area knowing it was actually signed as a no through road and then one day you discovered the sign removed and a dozen commercial trucks going back and forth down the one lane which has no shoulder, you might think differently about calling the residents’ reaction a poor one.

Before characterizing a situation unfair it might be a good idea to find out what is really unfair about it.

John Plantinga, Central Saanich