LETTERS: Irony on the front page

LETTERS: Irony on the front page

The front page of the Wednesday, December 20 News Review has two stories side by side that present the reader with the irony in decision making.

The ALR has refused the application to build a permanent residence for those needing shelter, healing and a new way of life at Woodwynn Farms. Instead, the residents have to live in cold RVs. Central Saanich has declared that the electricity on the farm is not safe so people cannot occupy the RVs, use the washrooms or the greenhouse, because they are at “Life Safety Risk”.

Central Saanich Council and the ALR seem determined to refuse every application (made by Richard Leblanc of Woodwynn Farms) to improve the lives of people who have addictions and who were living on the streets.

And what is their “Life Safety Risk” at being addicted and living on the street?

The other story is that of Evergreen Medicinal Supply Inc. building 21 greenhouses on 70 acres which the company is buying from the Stanhope Farm.

Good agricultural land is going to be covered (following approval from Central Saanich Council) in sand and gravel to build permanent greenhouses and office space. Not for medicinal marijuana, but for recreational use.

Now, I ask you; compare a residence to provide safe shelter to those living a healing life on a working farm (which survives on fund raising) to 21 greenhouses in a project estimated to be worth “$500 million”.

Judith Atkin


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