LETTER: Tales from two farms

LETTER: Tales from two farms

Hyperbole aside, there are two houses with a total of six bedrooms on Woodwynn Farm. Shelter for the holidays is available.

‘No Occupancy’ orders on accommodation and other structures that are unsafe or not operating under permit is rational after one fire.

Woodwynn Farms is just that, a farm, available to the owners to farm.

Creating Homefulness Society is about housing the homeless.

Woodwynn Farms’ arable acres are protected, like all other BC A1 farmland, by the ALC restrictions on farm land use.

Creating Homefulness Society plans to build an institution of housing, offices, classrooms on farm land. Those goals are incompatible.

The Society could farm without living on the site.

Bylaws and zoning are for everyone. The only solution is for the housing and institutional infrastructure to be appropriately located off the farm.

And now for the other headline.

Massive pot farm?

Evergreen assures Central Saanich the workers, up to 1,500, would be transferred by bus to the work site on Lochside Regional Trail. This is a shared, multi-use pedestrian, cycling, dog friendly, equestrian, route used cautiously by farm/residential vehicle traffic.

No matter how the workers arrive, the impact on the trail is not appropriate when added to the construction traffic that would interfere with trail use, and the ongoing commercial industrial traffic servicing the site.

The necessity to augment the huge site with sand and gravel shows the drainage is inappropriate for this type of agriculture.

If the current bunker is promoted as a visual for Evergreen’s contribution to our community, it fails the test.

Our rural community is not the site for this massive operation. Keating Industrial Park is appropriate for an industrial commercial grow op.

Karen Harris

Central Saanich

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