LETTER: Sidney turning into Monaco

LETTER: Sidney turning into Monaco

Like Jennifer Bennett, I also would like to thank Peter Wainwright and Barbara Fallot for expressing transparency concerns. I hope the words are genuine and not just a matter of them getting the short straws in a good cop, bad cop, routine.

Just because existing bylaws can be abused doesn’t mean they should be.

The artist rendering is done in such a way as to give the appearance of a building less than five stories, so the smoke and mirrors are well in play here.

The PNR quoted Mayor Price as saying a procedure policy change; “could put them at risk with developers,” speaks volumes to political priorities. Citizens be damned.

There is simply too much money to be had here for any developer to walk away over good due process and doing what is right.

I believe the fix is in, Fourth and Beacon is the first step in the razing of the downtown core and turning Sidney into Monaco.

Ron Baker