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LETTER: Save North Saanich provides valuable service

Eric Diller’s July 29 letter was long on trash talk but balefully short on facts. His “very small group of disgruntled North Saanich residents” was more than 250-strong when it rallied on July 12 at Municipal Hall, and council has received about 300 letters.

Also true is that calling our position laughable, dangerous and incoherent doesn’t make it so, and no one – including Mr. Diller – has proven out their loud and repeated accusations of “misinformation.” Fact is, the website has successfully corrected any number of the OCP project eeam’s “misconceptions;” I hope they’re now clear, for example, on where the ALR is in Deep Cove.

Finally, the smallest group I know on the northern Peninsula is the one composed of those few Sidney residents happy with what their previous mayor and council majority did to their charming town. Still, Sidney’s voters remembered: His worship and those offending councilors were resoundingly rejected in the next election.

We hope for better here.

Don Enright

North Saanich