LETTER: RBCM must be more transparent

I presume the RBCM board is now just relieved to begin packing up the third floor and be done with that phase of our very European history. They should be rethinking this move as it was not done by consulting folks who pay to see our full history at the museum – the good and the bad.

Of course, reconciliation is necessary. A much more serious input from taxpayers must be made when such drastic changes to exhibits are done. Why no outcry to the Genghis Khan exhibit of 25 years ago?

The leadership of this museum now has to do the following: Come up with a show-stopping replacement exhibit in 3-5 years (yes, that is the time that portion of the floor will be vacant). Consider more free days and lower entry prices as it is becoming quite pricey to visit for locals. Be considerably more transparent going forward. This museum has had a 30-year history of problems and accusations.

Why? The leadership must be accountable and they simply haven’t.

Prince Andrew deservedly lost his Royal designation. Let us hope this museum is not stripped of its “Royal” title. Think of this as constructive criticism just like my professors told me.A longtime RBCM and IMAX annual pass holder, I am.

Gregor Campbell