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LETTER: Oak Bay holiday display lacks festive spirit

I Just read about the Halloween pumpkin issues at the Oak Bay municipal hall brought on by COVID. I agree that the pumpkins might be a public danger. Better to have them on poles. We’ll come to see them, walking down the street or from the safety of our cars.

That said, Christmas is coming and I have a request. My family and I always go to Sidney or Ladysmith to see the light displays, and with no disrespect intended, we go to Oak Bay to giggle. Where the other towns have spectacular displays of coloured and festive lights, Oak Bay has a show that we liken to a tangled string of refrigerator bulbs.

We think that the Oak Bay display, for the most part, is not festive but boring. White lights are not elegant; they are uncelebratory and regular. They can be seen on cars each time we hit the road, each time we open the fridge. Can Oak Bay please give us a reason to visit and shop in Oak Bay during the upcoming holiday season? A little colour, please.

Brad Zembic