LETTER: Not in a position to judge North Saanich councillor who resigned

LETTER: Not in a position to judge North Saanich councillor who resigned

Susan Cummins’ rebuttal to my letter re: Ms. Barnard’s resignation from North Saanich council was most interesting.

First, if she had read the second paragraph closely, she would have seen I specifically noted that I was not in a position to determine the veracity of Ms. Barnard’s comments about the workings of council and thus avoided taking a side. She clearly chose to accept on view which, let’s face it, does carry a bias.

I am old enough and wise enough to know that when someone publishes their views on a given subject, particularly when it comes to politics, there is always another side to the story and, typically, reality lurks somewhere in the middle ground.

However Ms. Cummin’s went on to add to the very point I was making.

“The incoming CAO, mayor and council must work together to demonstrate the highest accountability and transparency in order to gain back the trust of all district taxpayers.” she wrote.

That was my exact point. By withdrawing herself from council Ms. Barnard has removed herself from a forum wherein she could watch, be active and assure the highest levels of accountability by being at the council table thus having an opportunity to speak up, have her views recorded in the public record and gather public support on real time issues.

You cannot eat an elephant in one bite which Ms. Barnard, and presumably Ms. Cummins, seem to feel can be done.

A long work life taught me one very important thing when it comes to organizations. I will take progressive improvement daily over instantaneous perfection because the former is controlled, the latter not possible and most often ends in chaos. When that happens we all lose.

Perhaps Ms. Bernard might consider withdrawing her resignation so she can get back in the fray, elbows out and speak up as an agent of change.

Alex Currie

North Saanich